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tv   Today  NBC  October 1, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on this beautiful monday morning. it's the first day of october, 2012. a chilly morning here at rockefeller plaza. we say hello. good morning, again, i'm savannah guthrie alongside david gregory in nor for matt. we have al roker here as well. and we have maria osmond. she is a legend, done it all, in movies, sings, and now adding daytime talk show host. >> it is exciting. >> can you hear me? >> we can.
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>> i'm whispering, thinking i'm just on a head shot. >> no, you have your microphone on. >> you guys look great out there. is it cold? >> brisk. >> we're going to join you in a couple moments. >> i'm excited. >> cool. >> also, it's the 1st of october, so supreme court decision coming down. that's important. we're also going to share some of the best buys and bargains. we have a lot of great deals. >> anthony scalia wants that doll. and really -- actually, he's from xavier high school, as well. alma mater. really cool new inventions. how about this, a tire that checks its own pressure? how about this robotic arm you control with your mind? >> come on. ♪ woo-oo >> how about that? >> can it core an apple? >> or slice the cheese? before we get to that, let's get to natalie morales with a check of the day's top stories.
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>> good morning again, everyone. a suicide bombing this morning in eastern afghanistan has killed at least 14 people, including 3 american troops and their translateser. this after two americans were killed on sunday. bringing the 11-year war to a somber milestone. the number of u.s. troops killed in afghanistan now tops 2,000. the candidates are making their final push for swing states ahead of the first presidential debate wednesday. the president has a small lead in battleground states, but trying to keep expectations low for his debate performance, saying he is just an okay debater. new jersey governor chris christie chose a different tact, predicting that republican nominee mitt romney will do, quote, extraordinarily well. a deadly shooting has left two people dead and another person injured. police say the shooting broke out as riders from a charity motorcycle event were eating breakfast. the incident is now under investigation. actor and former california
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governor arnold schwarzenegger admits his affair with the housekeeper was not the only time he was unfaithful to maria shriver. in a "60 minutes" interview, arnold says he had an affair with bridget nielsen while living with shriver before they were married. he said there were others, but that's between him and shriver. arnold says his affair with housekeeper mildred baena was the stupidest thing he ever did to shriver. he doesn't give details about his relationship with baena, only saying he takes care of the boy and the mother. the threat of carmageddon ii is over. the stretch over 405 reopened in time for this morning's rush hour. it had been closed all weekend for a bridge upgrade. any delays could have resulted in huge traffic problems. a similar closure last year also raised fears of a massive traffic meltdown. the arrest of a 25-year-old man accused of assaulting
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lindsay lohan has been voided. police say the charges against former congressional aide christian labella could not be substantiated. lohan claims labella grabbed her during an argument over cell phone pictures. it was a monstrously good weekend at the box office for "hotel transylvania." it took in had $43 million, the most ever for a september debut. "looper" was runner up and last week's champion, "end of watch" fell to third place. and how do our favorite pop stars hold up? ellen send one of her writers into a local costco with instructions she could only speak to people using famous song lyrics. turns out, it didn't go over so well. >> i just met you, i know this is crazy. but here's my number. call me, maybe. >> i don't speak english. >> call me maybe. call me maybe. >> oh, i think we all learned
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one thing from that. there's at least one lucky person out there who hasn't heard of "call me maybe." that is great. that is fantastic. five minutes past the hour right now. let's go over to al with a check of the weather. >> you know, that happened to me today. let's see what's going on as far as your weather. we have some severe weather to talk about down south. tallahassee over to mobile, as far north as huntsville, a risk of strong storms, isolated tornado, damaging winds and a lot of rain. look at all of the rain firing up. earlier this morning, tornado warnings throughout central alabama. and you can see over the next 24 hours, that system makes its way to the north, spreading rain up into the mid atlantic states and later on tomorrow, into the northeast. rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches stretching from mobile on up into charlotte, virginia. let's take -- charlotte, north carolina, i should say. that's what's going on around >> good morning. i think we will stay at dry
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today. clouds will be thickening up. time now for today's take three where we give our take on three topics that have caught our attention, hence the title. and our special guest this morning, entertainment legend and talk show host marie osmond. >> how can you do talk three if there's four of us? >> we share. >> commentary? >> you're the bonus. >> actually, marie, we were thinking, you are known for sometimes wearing a flower in your hair, which i think we have a picture. >> in the '70s. i was the one that skimmed my hair back and put the flower. >> natalie morales wears one in her hair.
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>> oh, please. >> wow. that's nice. >> caught me off guard. she does all of her fashion work at staples. >> where did you buy that, staples? >> it's the bangs. i wanted to put them back so i can see. >> wow. >> okay. >> taking the flower thing to the extreme. >> so you're young enough to -- you started performing when you were 3. >> i did. >> justin bieber -- >> i'm 9 now. >> there you go. >> so justin bieber, big young performer, got sick. >> i heard he threw up on stage or something, didn't he? >> and the show must go on. >> leave it to bieber. >> yeah. right. >> nice. >> i think every entertainer has gone through that at some point. but you know, wasn't it impressive that he actually went back on stage? >> i know. >> you hear a lot of times where people don't like the sound or this, and they say i'm leaving. and to me he showed a real professional. he's loved it -- he started young. i think he was 4. but the fact that he came back out.
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all those fans sitting there waiting to see him and he didn't disappoint. i thought it was cool. >> by the way, this day and age, it was captured on video, but we are not showing it. >> he did it on the stage. >> twice. >> i've always ran off. i think it's good to run off, if you can. he said he apparently had too much milk along -- >> oh, i've had that happen. >> exactly. >> one milk too many. what's the worst thing that ever happened to you on stage? >> the worst thing? >> yeah. >> working with donny. >> oh, wow! didn't see that coming? . >> we'll have that on tomorrow. you know what? i think everything -- >> probably the worst was "sound of music" and singing -- and all the kids start laughing. working with kids is difficult. but i looked down and there was this puddle that just kept growing. and one of the little girls forgot to empty her bladder before the show. >> it was worse for her, i'm
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sure. >> singing in the rain. >> oh! she's here until thursday. >> let me show this video. this is from russia, amazing, going viral, of course. it's an suv driving down the road when suddenly, you'll see this. >> wow. >> a strike of lightning. al, you're our meteorologist. i thought you were supposed to be safe from lightning in a car. >> no, the thing that makes you safe, if you do survive a lightning strike in a car is the tires help ground the vehicle. but i've never seen a district hit -- >> like that. >> was the passenger hurt? is. >> i don't think so. >> apparently not. >> and the guy kept driving. that's the best part. >> they say lightning goes through. have you ever been around lightning when it went through? >> i actually was on a plane, and we had seen "elmo's fire" in the plane. it was on the show. >> the movie playing on the plane? >> exactly, yes. we actually had molly ringwald -- no. we actually had st. elmo's fire in the plane -- on a shuttle
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from washington to new york. >> that's crazy. >> i would not want to be on a plane. i think i've seen it get close to the plane. >> everybody got very quiet. >> i can imagine. >> next, what our eggs say about our personality. apparently the way we eat our eggs. >> it says a lot about who you are as a person. so before i tell you what those personality traits are, let me do a quick poll. savannah? >> scrambled. >> fried over easy. >> you know what they say about those guys who like them fried overeasy. i like them poached, scrambled. >> i like fried eggs. i also like poached eggs. >> okay. >> watch, this is going to tell us something horrible, isn't it? >> sure. >> nobody said boiled. that would mean our disorganized. poached, outgoing. fried eggs, high sex drive, al. and is marie -- >> okay. >> and marie -- >> see you after the show. >> savannah, guarded. omelette eaters, very self
9:11 am
disciplined. >> that makes no sense. >> you know what, but it's fun. and to go -- >> means you're hungry, that's what i think it means. >> i think so too. >> and then our bonus here. we were talking about the -- >> forget the eggs, right? >> a bacon shortage. >> allegedly. >> so we've got all of these different -- >> is there really a bacon shortage? >> supposedly. >> because of the drought, you know, the corn, prices have gone up. >> oh, shut up. >> shut the front door. >> look at that. >> there's bacon everything. from turkey bacon, chicken bacon. this is the -- i don't even know what kind of processed whatever bacon. >> bacon mints. >> you know what? if it you have veneers, it won't hurt your porcelain. >> that's disgusting. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's pretty good. >> meanwhile -- >> bacon soap. >> this is a bacon lollipop. i like the name, man bait. maple bacon lollipop. >> this is if you have cracked
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lips. >> that's right. this one is tomato and one with mayo. >> who is going to lather themselves up with bacon soap? >> not me. if you're trying to attract a man, maybe. >> bacon beer. >> oh, that's awful. >> should we try our bacon beer? >> isn't it gross? >> marie, here is to your new show. >> okay, cheers, everyone. >> okay. >> we'll try it for you. it's bacon beer, apparently -- >> voodoo doughnuts. >> somebody would like it. try t al. >> oh, man! >> strange after taste. >> some con, al, let's go hang out after we brush our teeth. >> the best things to buy in october and where to find them, coming up after this. [ female announcer ] it's rough when people think you're only good at one thing. when they label you all shine and no substance. well, there's more to me than that. i can handle splatters and spills.
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first day of october, and we're kicking off a new monthly series called "the best things to buy". at the start of every month, we'll give you the scoop on where the deals and bargains can be found. we all need to save money these days. elizabeth mayhew is lifestyle expert and "today" contributor. marie osmond will help out, as well. you're a bargain shopper. >> nine kids in my family, my parents were very poor and i have eight kids so my family is bargain hunters, coupon users. we were saying we like it, because then you can buy nice shoes. >> there you go. >> all the money you save. save on some things and buy in others. let's talk about how stores come up with monthly plans and how they stock up. >> first of all, october, columbus day, that is a huge, huge selling time. a lot of it has to do with when
9:17 am
their new merchandise comes in and seasons end. so if you think about it, we're ending summer, which is why you can get a lot of summer things very inexpensively now. so let's start with the outdoor furniture. air conditioners, grills. >> you actually see the sales when they first announce or more after the sales? >> this is the thing. it's limited stock so the faster you get there, the better off you're going to be. so sears, for example. 50% -- up to 50% off on things like grills and outdoor furniture, plus throwing in free delivery. limited supply, but act now. another thing that's interesting, samples club. if you're a member has just introduced an auction online. so everything they have -- take this umbrella, market umbrella. starts at $1. bidding goes up from there. >> what? >> one of these just sold for $21. so it's a great deal. you just have to get online, go on their auction -- >> like being in vegas. >> and you have to be a member. >> come on over here, marie. plants. plants and shrubs. there you go. >> a lot of people think of the planting season is finished,
9:18 am
once your yard looks great foresummer. this is a great time to buy plants, particularly if you're planting for the spring. so bulbs, a place like white flower farm is a great online source, bulbs 25% off. some perennials up to 50% off. there is another great website called nature hills, they've got 20% off on trees, plus if you spend $99, free delivery. trees are expensive. >> do you store these inside? >> this is about zoning and where you live. just another point. home depot has a lot of great sales too. >> bulbs can stay too. >> bulbs you want to plant now. >> it has -- nothing is frozen yet, so you're -- >> you've got time. >> let's talk about kitchen accessories. and pots and pans. >> okay. >> now is the time to stock up. >> we are really gearing up for the holiday season. if you need something, now is the time to get it. >> i want it all!
9:19 am
up to 40% off on bake ware, serve ware, ema'am he will ware. macy's is doing 30% off on mixers, which those are quite expensive. also 40% off on blenders and juicers. and then amazon is doing what they call crocktober, the month to buy your crock pot. do you like slow cooking? >> i am slow at everything. >> so they've got really great deals. and plus they're throwing in rebates. so good price. >> a family like mine? you have to have a big pot. >> perfect, i know. okay. now, toys. >> this is the time to buy and stock up for the who will day, as well. >> this is the big toy kickoff, all of the lists have come out with the hot toys. certain retailers getting ahead of the game. for example, this is just being announced right now, haven't come out and said it. at walmart, walmart on tuesdays leading up until christmas is
9:20 am
having their toyland tuesday. so certain toys will be rolled back. it's a lot of the hottest toys you can expect to save anywhere from 5 to $10 on a toy. so watch out for tuesdays. and you can get your good deals and stock up the christmas closet. >> excellent. >> okay. now june is still several months away, typically the month where people tie the knot. but october is a good time to do that, as well. and also stock up on wedding stuff, right? >> this is the time when you -- if you are going to get married and think about it, you are heading into the off season months. so venues tend to go down. i talk to everyone from the drake hotel in chicago to smaller venues like the and dover inn in massachusetts, saving 20 to 35% on your venue. and let me remind you, in terms of wedding presents, you can go for sales i talked about in terms of all that -- it's a good time -- if you are thinking about getting married, to get married. >> okay. what about clothing? i know. what do we do? back to school was, you know,
9:21 am
obviously the beginning of this month. so now a lot of -- apparently retailers are putting that stuff on sale? >> back to school is a big huge jean month in particular so a lot of retailers are putting their jeans because they've got to get rid of the old. air pass tell has 50% in the next two weeks on all of their jeans. kohls on their lines from lauren conrad, simply vera, all of them are on sale. and then old navy is doing a huge deal where all of their rock star jeans are $19. they were $34.50. now they're down to $19 through the 3rd. and also just to again reiterate how huge -- columbus day is one of the better sale dates. so it's not like you're going to be getting ripped off. is really is legit. and if you think about it, it's not until black friday you're going to have those same kind of deals. so -- >> take advantage. >> we'll take advantage. there are special things -- take this pea coat. it's only $15 for one day, which is october 6th at old navy.
9:22 am
normally they come in sizes for the whole family. so they range up to $49 to $19. now they're all $15. so our going to find deals like that. you can get your whole family one for christmas. >> $15 for that coat. >> that's a bargain. >> 25,000 to buy for. >> think of all the shoes you can buy. >> yes! >> thanks so much. coming up, five of the most cutting-edge inventions. but first, these messages. doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ you're cute. ♪ [ door creaks, closes ] [ female announcer ] the protein effect. new special k protein cereal. with ten grams of protein and three grams of fiber... finally, a protein cereal to help keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose?
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still to come, marie osmond on her new talk show. >> after your local news. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean. with tide pods. a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans. brightens. and fights stains just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined pop in. stand out. sure, bisquick makes delicious pancakes,
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> we started out with fought in some areas. we will see little bit of sunshine to start the day. clouds will thicken up by this afternoon and it will become mostly cloudy. rainshowers catch up to us tonight and off and on during the day tomorrow. drive-through the week. --
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♪ >> discovered as a 10-year-old on "america's got talent" now at the ripe old age of 12, jackie evancho is coming out with a new album of songs. such a disconnect that voice. she is going to be here live tomorrow on "today." >> she is so beautiful. what a voice. >> my gosh. i'm al roker along with natalie morales and savannah guthrie and coming up, a woman who has got jackie beat, starting her career at just 3 years old. >> that's right. america has loved her ever since. marie osmond, part of the
9:31 am
legendary show, a lot of the years and now has a new talk show. so we've got a lot to catch up about. >> also, cutting-edge inventions that have made major breakthroughs in automobiles and photography. we're going to show some award-winners. >> a tire cut out. how does that roll? amazing. >> i know! and then in "today's"'s kitchen, family recipe from food writer tom parker bohls, stepson of prince charles. he's going to show the proper way to make crab cakes. >> kicking off our quest for the best, halloween. we're on a nationwide search for the most creative and original home made halloween get-ups. so go to and submit a photo of yourself, wearing your crafty creation. the costume must be your own handy work. >> if it's good enough, maybe
9:32 am
we'll wear it for halloween. the top three finalists win a trip to new york city for our biggest quest for the prize yet, the chance to take part in our "today"el halloween celebration on the plaza. so you will get to be here. >> that music gets us in the mood. we want to check in with our pals kathie lee and hoda on the campus of the university of tennessee in knoxville, hosting next hour live. >> oh-oh. >> i was going to say, what's coming up? but we see what's coming up. >> oh! we're up. >> did you learn the fight song yet, ladies? >> all right. you guys, we have a terrific show coming up. we have performances. >> ambush makeover for some of the professors. and tailgating. and then we're going to do a test of are we smarter than a
9:33 am
college student? >> wow. >> volunteers -- >> we have to wrap this up, because that guy's thighs are burning right now. can't hold them any longer. see you next hour. >> how about a check of the weather, al? >> all right. let's see what's happening. we start off with our week ahead. it's going to be warm around much of the country, below normal temperatures through the lower mississippi river valley, heavily raining. as we get to the midweek period, we continue the heat in the east and out west. but a front brings in much cooler conditions in the central and northern plains. and then the latter part of the week, that colder air spreads across the country into the east. warm from the southwest, gulf coast into the southeast. that's what's going on aroth
9:34 am
>> good morning. we are starting out with a few areas of fog. it will be a cold day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. coming up next, marie osmond has a new gig. we're going to talk about that with her. right after this. here you go little man.
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what's in your wallet? i usually say that. hard to believe marie osmond has been entertaining us for over five decades. >> i don't want you to say that! oh my goodness. >> she made her tv debut on "the andy williams' show" when she was 3. now her new talk show "marie" premiers today. >> today! >> that's right, your legendary first guest, betty white. >> i know! >> take a look. >> look at this beautiful house you bought! oh, it's lovely. >> hallmark bought it for me. >> they did? >> yeah. >> o is there anything you want to tell me? >> no, i like -- you would tell me a lot of things, betty. >> no, but they just bought it for you, you didn't have to do anything. >> no, i just said i wanted to talk to you, and they said this is for betty. >> oh!
9:39 am
>> isn't she cute. >> she is the best. it's hard to believe, but here you are, this -- another chapter in your career. in fact, take a look. this is the headline of "usa today." it says -- "usa today," the weekend edition. >> wow! i haven't seen that yet. >> pretty cool. >> how sweet. you know, it's lovely. when betty -- she started out in talk. she used to do five hours before they had scripts and prompters and everything else. and, you know, i sat in that other chair now for five decades of being the person that you -- that is interviewed. and it's really fun, al, to be in that other position. the show is very different. we do ten 11-minute segments. we have people really talk. and you know how it is. it's like get the book in, get the movie, in tell a funny and you're out there. it's not that way. we laugh a lot. it's very -- it's topical. i have said, it's more -- it's not so much about the red carpet. it's helping women walk that red carpet in their own life.
9:40 am
and helping them feel completed as women, not so much competing against each other. it's been so much fun. >> you talk about competing against other women. you've got katie couric doing the show, ricki lake, all those folks. it's a crowded genre. how do you make a difference? >> look at you, al? how do you make a difference? it's you. it's al. how do i make it different? i come from a perspective of, oh, yeah, i've been on the bus. i've done the broadway stage. oh, yeah, let's talk about writing a book. i've been in that other chair. it's -- i don't think it's crowded. we have so many stations, a lot of programs to fill. but i think it really is about the person. i did -- dina shore, wasn't she lovely? mike douglas, merv griffin. i did all those shows. i've worked with those people. lucille ball, groucho marx. we debuted britney spears. christina aguilera on "the donny and marie show." i love to give people a shot.
9:41 am
here they're like -- carney wilson came on and the producers talking about her weight and her eating and, no, that's not carney. even though carney and i are different, we're very similar. we have the coolest interview with carney, you have to watch it. >> you talk about your life. you have dealt with so much. suicide of your son, postpartum depression battle, your you're a mom to eight. >> yes, eight is enough. >> how does that shape you as a talk show host? >> do you know, i think there is a relatability. it's very fascinating, some of the people, because we shot a couple shows, and it looks like a house, it's fun. but so far, we've had people talk about eating disorders that they have never talked about and they felt safe. another person talked about how they grew up as a hoarder and what that do to them and morphed into their work and entertainment. i have a lot of real people on too. i think real people are fascinating. i've learned some of the greatest things i've learned in life are from my real friends.
9:42 am
and i don't know. it's -- i want it to be kind of like that backyard fence where mothers used to hang their laundry and talk. that's what i want this show to be. we'll see. i'm so grateful to hallmark for giving me this opportunity. tom bergeron did the show, and of course i passed out on "dancing with the stars" and in his book the first thing was about me passing out. and he said it's funny, you said "oh crap." and i said tom, you this is hallmark, you can't say crap, you'll get bleeped. and i said i just said it too. >> great to see you. >> i want to hear about your book. you come on my show and talk about it. i would love to. >> "marie" airs today on hallmark at 12 noon pacific, 11:00 a.m. central time. coming up, inventions you've got to see to believe. [ female announcer ] those who look to fuel body and mind with the simplest of grains, they are not hard to find.
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♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our kraft natural cheese to make it creamier so whatever you make isn't just good, it's amazing. ♪ amazing with the love that i found ♪ ♪ this morning on today's tech, break through inventions of 2012. he had tore of "popular mechanics" has the breakthrough awards. good morning, glen. >> good morning. >> wild stuff. starting off with first the cube 3-d printer. we're not talking about making copies here, right? >> no, this is like your normal desk top printer, but in 3-d. it uses plastic to create models of things. you can take pictures of things and make 3-d cad models and
9:47 am
prohibit them at home. and you can buy virtual products and print them at home. >> so right now it's making an iphone cover, case, but these are all things it made. these napkin rings. these -- i guess ipod bracelets. and this is a cool toy. >> yep, you can printout your kids' toys at home. >> these 3-d printers used to be expensive. how does this compare pricing? >> this is around $1,300. it sounds pricey, but compared to professional equipment, far, far less expensive. it's actually affordable for the homeowner, sort of -- >> if you want to make your own iphone case. it will cost you. let's move on over here to the latest from north face. it's the north face powder guide avs vest, for the back country skier, we heard about so much avalanche deaths last year, people skiing in the back country. how does this work, deploy? >> so when avalanches are coming down, it's like liquid and you want to surf above it, stay above the liquid. so this is a vest that you can
9:48 am
wear if you're in the back woods and when you pull the handle, it actually deploys like an air bag. >> lindsey shows how this works, easy. stand back, she is going to deploy. go ahead. >> whoa! that is wild. as quickly as that. >> that could save your life. >> amazing. save your life, exactly. great stuff by north face. okay. over here, i love the sound of this. this is a no-fail camera, from what i understand. if you take pictures and sometimes have those out of focus pictures, this will auto correct? >> that's right. this is a lightro camera, light field camera, captures light from all directions which means you can focus after the fact. i can show with a picture we took earlier. this is of some "today" show mugs, and if you watch, you can actually jump back and forth with the focus, because all of the points have been captured. >> okay. so the camera then -- if you take any picture, and it's out of focus, will it be able to fix
9:49 am
any picture? >> if can. because it's literally collecting the information from the furthest point away, all the way in close to the camera. >> wow. so really is a no-fail camera. >> it is. >> okay. and the future of this technology, where do you see this going? >> one of the interesting things, with this same camera and some software upgrades, they'll be able to do 3-d photography, as well, with just one lens. >> wild. great stuff. over here, this is something that i love to hear. this is the good year air maintenance technology. a tire that self-regulates and maintains its own pressure. >> that's right. u uses the rolling motion in the tire and a little tube as a pump and bursts of air to keep it inflated to the right pressure means you never have to go to the filling station again and fill up your tires. >> a girl's dream right here. okay. and the tire world. over here to the robotic arm. tell me about this technology. this is fantastic. >> so this is a arm that was pioneered at johns hopkins advanced physics -- applied
9:50 am
physics lab and it has recently been used to literally tap into the brains of people who are paralyzed. so that they can with their minds control this hand. >> so -- it's been tested and works? shake my hand, see how good that grip is. wow. >> incredible, right? >> impressive. yeah. this is a life-saver for a lot of people. >> and in the future, they're hoping to put sensors on it so it can communicate feelings back to the brain, as well. >> oh, wow. it is really amazing. glen durene, thank you so much with "popular mechanics." >> thank you. coming up next, a foodie from across the pond is sharing his family recipe for crab cakes. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> he's not cooking turkey. it's crab!
9:51 am
9:52 am
"today's kitchen" brought to you by kraft shreds. make something amazing. >> this morning in "today's
9:53 am
kitchen," what's for dinner? how to make crab cakes. tom parker bowles with a fresh family collection of recipes in "let's eat". the name sounds familiar. son of the duchess of cornwall, camilla parker bowles. >> son of the duchess? hello lovely. i can do a little bit of brit. >> speak in a british accent. >> you do a bronx accent. >> of no way. >> so crab cakes. >> this is a very -- the whole point is simple food. good-tasting food. no monkeying around. no chefg stuff. >> he said monkey but it sounded like mucky. >> worcester sauce. >> you don't want to mix too much.
9:54 am
>> the key is lots of crab. i hate lean crab cakes. this is about food that tastes good. >> you're a practical cook. you don't have to have 17 bolts bowls to make your meal. we like you for that. okay. >> and just dredging it. >> how did you get into cooking? >> greed. pure and simple. >> greed? >> i love eating. >> ooh. >> these are going to cook quickly. >> very quickly. and no point, no filler. >> whoa. >> it's a dish -- >> i know. falling apart. >> we have some of these already made. >> already made. >> there we go, yeah. >> going in like that. >> could use that for crab hash. >> water everywhere. okay. so they're cooking away. >> how long on each side? >> two or three minutes, just brown and golden and glorious and lovely. >> it sounds better when you say it. >> it does. everything sounds better. >> this is good food that tastes good, from thailand, from china, from england, from everywhere.
9:55 am
>> hello. >> from all over the world? >> all over -- i'm a food writer, i travel -- >> in notebooks. >> yes, i tested. these recipes work and what don't work. so across here, we have our crab cakes, crab cocktail sauce, tartar sauce. >> come on out and eat them. what are you serving with? >> we have this great british dish. people worry -- >> you're all too polite. come on! what is that? >> cheesy, rich, yummy. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is healthy. the flavors of the south of france. this is food that makes you happy. >> great. tom parker bowles, the recipe on "let's eat," the cookbook. >> marie, thank you for being here. good l
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
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